Red Anvil Forge - UK
Early in my career as a blacksmith, I was commissioned to restore the gates and screen elements, at All Souls' College in Oxford (UK); the gates to the Rest Home of the Carpenters Company at Rustington and the gates and railings at Kingston Bagpuize House in Oxfordshire.
It was during these restorations, that I not only gained great experience of the diverse techniques and styles of traditional blacksmithing, as well as working with wrought-iron as a material, but I also experienced the effects of the elements in creating a good deal of corrosion in the form of rust.
I formed the opinion that to preserve the work of present day blacksmith made commission, styles and techniques, somehow, had to eliminate corrosion of the metal.
To this end, I decided I had to develop my own techniques and methods, to break with blindly following tradition for traditions' sake and to embrace modern faclities like hot-dip galvanizing, as well as designing for water and moisture exclusion in the construction process.